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Early May Bass Fishing Report

Early May Bass Report      This is one of the most exciting and adverse times of the year when it comes to bass fishing lakes around Western North Carolina.  As you may know we are a short drive away from multiple South Carolina lakes, where water temperatures are...

May Fishing Tips & Tricks

It is no secret that Spring produces some of the best dry fly fishing of the year. If you are new to this sport, dry fly fishing can often seem the most challenging. Your fly choice has to perfectly represent the insect that the fish are keyed in on at that specific...

Spring Fishing is Here!

Spring has been off to a great start here in Western North Carolina. While we have had some strange and unexpected cold weather in between the warm days, fishing has remained consistent and productive. We have been fortunate enough to enjoy great hatches along the way...

Fishing the Quill Gordon

Fishing the Quill Gordon “The delicate Quill Gordon has fairly been described as one of the first truly American dry fly…Theodore Gordon, could be – and has been – called the father of dry fly fishing in the USA.” Ian Whitelaw The name Quill Gordon has become forever...

Winter Small Fly, Fishing

Late Season, Small Flies The leaves left on the trees were mainly oak, and the rest of the leaves are gone, just like most of the fall hatches.  Robb made a cast upstream in a small run.  There was an unseen deep spot in the dark water.  Most people wouldn’t notice...

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