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Midge Fishing in the Winter

Every fly shop has a portion of their fly bins relegated to the most seemingly useless little flies.  These flies have but one or two materials incorporated into their design and are so tiny that many folks assume the tedious task of attaching them to a hook must...

Fishing High Water

It’s been a dry summer here in Western North Carolina.  I’ve even heard the word draught thrown around here and there.   After spending 10 years living out West I’ll admit, though dry, it hasn’t felt like a draught to me.  However, given the precipitation totals from...

A New Fishing Pal…….

I’ve enjoyed working with the next generation of fly fishers since I began guiding. Working with youngsters that love to fish is always a pleasure. It takes me back to when I was 7 or 8 years old. My dad would practically have to call in the jaws-of-life to pry a...

Beating the WNC Heat

This is my third summer in Western North Carolina and without a doubt the hottest and driest I’ve seen. As summer temps hovered consistently around 90 degrees and water levels dropped, the fishing in bigger watersheds predictably slowed down. The solution to the “dog...

Guide Life

Summer’s here.  Mornings start around daybreak, tying flies, making lunches, organizing fly boxes and gear, readying the drift boat… mental checklists, physical checklists… don’t forget to grab more 6x flouro at the shop before you leave, don’t forget to clean out...

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