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troutTrout Nut – Need help identifying an aquatic insect you encountered on the stream? This site features over 3,700 close-up pictures of 748 flies and other trout foods, along with detailed hatching behavior. Still stumped? They have a bug i.d. discussion board where you can post pics and have experts hazard their best guess. – Brad Miller’s bass fishing website has tons of information about catching smallies (and largemouth) on all things hairy and feathery, including his Top 10 smallmouth bass flies, tackle info and even some of the world’s worst fishing jokes.

Southeast Flyfishing Forum offers stream reports from “Average Joe” anglers across the South. Reports tend to focus on popular waters such as the Tennessee tailwaters, Delayed Harvest streams and roadside streams. – Everything you ever wanted to know about the mighty smallmouth bass, from biology to fishing techniques, with an emphasis on Catch-and-Release. A super resource for bronzeback lovers.

MidCurrent has been called the “CNN of fly fishing.” It provides a daily news reel, fly fishing advice, fly fishing trip information, fly fishing gear and media reviews, and excerpts of the best fly fishing literature.

Professional artist Derek DeYoung recently moved his gallery from Michigan to Livingston, Montana. His oil-on-canvas creations are reinventing the concept of “angling art.” Check out his online gallery of original canvases, or stop by our shop and peruse a selection of his signed, limited edition giclee prints. – Created in New York City, of all places, this digital, online magazine breathes life into the moribund world of fly fishing periodicals. Fantastic photography, cutting-edge interviews with luminaries like Flip Pallot and Mikey Weir, and even suggested mix tapes for those long road trips. – Hilarious, irreverent website that pokes fun at all things fly fishing, broadcast “from high atop the Bilgewater Building in Dogpatch USA.”




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