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The mission of 185 King St is to enrich the lives of its members by providing high quality entertainment in a relaxed but upscale environment. Provide a space for local musicians and artisans to perform for members who share a love of music and the arts and to promote and stimulate the musical and artistic development of the community.

…185 King Street is not as much an address as it is a destination.
Located minutes from downtown Brevard in the shadows of the former Brevard railroad station, this new venue for local music is about people of all walks of life finding a place where they can enjoy good times and great music together and turn what had recently been an overlooked location in a vibrant arts community into something that belongs to them.
The stated mission of 185 King Street is to enrich the lives of its members by providing high quality entertainment in a relaxed but upscale environment. Owner Jackson Wine wants to create a space for local musicians and artists to perform while promoting and stimulating the development of this rich community.
“I want our members and guests to take ownership of this space and help us build the entertainment around their desires,” Wine, a local businessman who grew up in the area explains. “My hope is that by becoming a member, they will share their desires about what they want it all to be and together we can make something special for all to enjoy.”
Just walking through the front door of the venue indicates that this new entertainment experience is both in touch with the past, present and future. The gateway into the 1,100 square foot venue was reclaimed from the Historic Zachery House as a nod to the past, but an electronic key card is supplied to allow club members exclusive access inside.
High-definition television screens flank the full-service wood and concrete bar to keep guests in touch with the latest sports scores and the tin ceiling above vintage furniture evokes an atmosphere that is both modern and timeless. Walking deeper into the property reveals a spacious music hall outfitted with an intricate lighting and sound system as well as a vintage 1920s electric player piano to captivate all 99 people the room can comfortably hold.
Behind the state-of-the-art sound mixing board, the collaboration between the new and the old continues. Doors on the handicapped-accessible bathrooms were reclaimed from the Historic Brevard Train Depot and the urinals were salvaged from the Ecusta paper mill, but just a few feet away a wireless Internet router allows guests to use free WI-FI or for artists to stream portions of their show live on the web.
Out back, friends can enjoy a chat on the 600 square foot patio where the music can still be heard but the conversation is never drowned out by the sweet sounds emanating from inside.
Wine began the struggle to bring a new entertainment option to Brevard more than a year ago to fill a void he saw in local entertainment options. Many national touring musicians live or frequently visit Western North Carolina, but other than dates at Brevard College’s Porter Center, there is no place for them to play.
“another quote from Jackson here, maybe the one about not being able to swing a guitar without hitting a musician and local acts being crammed into the corners of local restaurants,’ Wine said. “more quote follows.”
While music is definitely on the menu for this new establishment, 185 King Street really is more about creating a sense of community.
“I want hip, younger people to be able to come here and sit right alongside local businessmen and women, have a drink, make some new friends and for all of us to put our energy together to make a difference,” Wine said. “Electricians, plumbers, college professors and shop owners … we all love living here and with 185 King Street I want to turn around what was a vacant building in a neglected part of town and make something special. This is more than just a bar or a place to here good music. It’s something to be part of now and for the future.”
However, that dream cannot grow without your support. Inaugural memberships are now being accepted as a way for you to make an investment in 185 King Street. Future plans are to double the size of the location and expand beyond the present adjacent street parking and bring in more regional music acts to Brevard for your enjoyment.
Please review the attached membership information and also share it with someone you know would enjoy being part of this unique new venture. You already know where we are when you are ready to make even more friends at this new social club with music and so much more.
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