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Gavin B. Griffin
Fly Fishing Guide

Gavin B. Griffin is a Western Pennsylvanian transplant that’s had a good many days spent fly fishing the rivers across the country over the last decade, plus. After spending seven of those years between Boulder, Colorado and Ketchum, Idaho, he’s successfully fly fished some of the North West’s biggest and most reputable technical waters: from Silver Creek’s gin-clear flows to the Frying Pan River’s famous blue ribbon Toilet Bowl and the legendary black caddis hatches on the Madison River.

Located just a few minutes up the road from the shop in Rosman, Gavin’s chances to get you on local fish are high; they’re practically his neighbors! He’s always happy to have any level of angler–beginner to trout fanatic–because he’s just happy to be sharing his life’s most meaningful part with you, your family and friends.

Come spend a genuinely great time on the water, catching trout of all sizes in a completely memorable place, with some of the best guides on the water!

Have even a simple gear question? Need to know directions? Have a funny fish story? Send Gavin a note using the form below and he’ll respond to you within the day.

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