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Hannah’s Skillet of Goodness

This recipe is super easy. You can add/remove ingredients as you like, spice it up to suit your taste in flavor! You can do this in any order, you can’t mess it up!!


1 can Black Beans

1 can Green Chilies

1 roll of Chorizo

2-4 Eggs

1-3 larger Red Potatoes

Onion (I use the precut white onion)


Shredded Cheese

Vegetable Oil


Sour Cream




1 Pan

1 Cast Iron Skillet



-Preheat Oven to 450

-grease up your skillet with either oil or butter, just enough so the tortillas won’t stick

-line your entire skillet with tortillas and set to the side

(I use larger tortillas, but small ones work just as well, flour ones also seem to work better)


-on the already spread tortillas, sprinkle shredded cheese into skillet, not a ton, you’ll add more later.

-chop potatoes into bite sized pieces and pan fry them with the vegetable oil,  throw in onions (amount of your liking) when potatoes are almost done.

-Once potatoes and onions are done, spread them in the skillet

-Microwave the black beans, once done spread in skillet over potatoes and onions, make sure to use a slotted spoon to allow water to drain

-Spread green chilies in skillet

-cook chorizo until done, then throw in skillet on top of everything else.

-Before cracking your egg, use the shell to push down the chorizo to make a little bowl. Then crack the egg and nest the yoke in the bowl (it keeps the dish tidy) Repeat this step for the other eggs as well.

-Place skillet and all its goodness into the oven for about 7-10 min. Keep an eye on the eggs, normally they won’t look done, but they are. Don’t overcook them.

-Once cooked, remove skillet and top dish with more shredded cheese, cilantro and then dress it up how you’d like with extras!


-Before lining pan, slightly toast tortillas on ONE side to keep them crunchy within the dish!

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