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SCHOOL OF TROUT 101, 201 & 301

Fly Fishing Lessons for Every Step of Your Journey

Rig Set-up, Fly Selection, Reading Water, Casting & More

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Whether you’re starting your Fly Fishing journey, learning a new technique or knocking off the dust, our School of Trout can provide the lesson(s) that you need.  

If you are already an angler and been through one of our School of Trout 101, 201 or 301 classes, check out our Advanced Headwaters School of Trout Series.

At the Headwaters Outfitters’ “School of Trout,” we offer fly-fishing lessons for everyone!

Angling for trout in a scenic mountain stream captures the imagination of people and our School of Trout program will teach you how.  This three-part series will take you from an unskilled novice to a success angler. Our 101 class is designed to get you started fly fishing without a big investment.  For those who want to go further, the 201 focuses on rigging and presentation skills. Finally, the 301 will refine your skills for specific situations. All the School of Trout classes build on each other, so an angler’s success will improve with each class.  With each class one can reserve a Headwater’s Guide in the afternoon for a guided trip applying the skills learned in the morning.  

School of Trout- 3 Hour Classes

Cost is $125.00/ per person (limit 6 people per instructor) 9 a.m.-12:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday, with reservations.

School of Trout 101 Class

Interested in fly fishing, but don’t know if it is right for you?  Our 101 is the perfect class to get started. This 3-hour class is a combination of instruction and skill development.  One will learn the equipment for getting started, including rods and tackle. Our instructors will teach you how to cast a fly rod, and how to use the rod to play and land trout.  As with all our classes, you will learn about the value of cold water as a resource and how it is protected. Apply what you have learned by reserving a Headwater’s Guide for the afternoon of fly fishing on a local stream.  See Pricing. 

School of Trout 201 Class

Successful fly anglers know that catching a trout fly fishing is a rewarding experience.  In this class, Headwater instructors focus on the skills and knowledge to make you successful on the water.  The importance of rigging can’t be overlooked, and this class will teach you what you need to setup the leader system.  Successful anglers also know how important presentation is to fly angling. In the 201 class, our instructors will focus on developing better casting skills and line management skills that will make you a more successful angler.  Any participant can benefit from an afternoon applying what you learned with a Headwater’s guide fly fishing. Reserve a guide for the afternoon and apply your new skills with an afternoon of fly fishing. See Pricing. 

School of Trout 301 Class

The 301 class takes the skills learned in the previous classes and focuses on angling tactics for nymph fishing, dry fly fishing and advanced skills.  You will learn how to set up a leader system by constructing a nymphing rig. Trout feeding underwater can be difficult to locate, but you will learn where trout will most likely hold in a stream and how to best approach them.  Your presentation skills will improve by learning how to shoot line and change directs while casting. Finally, the class will address the subtle differences in dry fly fishing and nymph fishing. After completing the 301 class you will be a more versatile and adaptive angler.  Reserve a Headwater’s guide for the afternoon and enjoy an afternoon fly fishing. See Pricing. 

Full Day School of Trout – 8 Hours:

This combines one of our three-hour classes (101,201,301) above,  with a half-day of guided fly fishing, giving students the ability to apply their newfound angling skills to real-life fishing situations.  The cost of this class includes the use of waders, boots, rods and reels.

Full Day School of Trout Pricing

1 Angler Full Day- $350

2 Anglers Full Day- $475.00

3 Anglers Full Day- $575.00

Private Water Upgrades Available Upon Request.



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