Fishing Report from Guide and Education Coordinator Patrick Weaver

March 19, 2020

The Davidson River has been fishing well with hatches of several insects.  The best days have been overcast and with air temperature in the 55°+. With the level of insects coming off, dry fly fishing has been productive.  There were still some brown stones coming off last week and fish were taking them on the surface. The Quill Gordon has been hatching with fish rising to the hatches.  A catskill pattern in size 12-14 has been productive. The Blue Quills have been out and seem more prevalent in some pools and runs than others.  I have fished these with both a catskill pattern and paradun with success depending on the water.  There have been some Hendrickson’s coming off as well, but the hatch is still early and may get better in the next week.  The last few days have been productive with a Hendrickson paradun. I also saw some black caddis coming off. One afternoon there were fish rising to caddis pupa just under the surface.  I seined several caddis from the water and put two caddis pupa in a petri dish. However, before I could photograph them, they hatched. The body was a light grey with dark wings.  

Watch the weather.  Today the temperatures moved the hatch earlier in the day.  Typically, the hatches have been coming off between 1-3pm, but today the hatches were earlier and were slowing down by 1:30 or 2.  If the temperature up to over 70° the spinners will fall late in the evening, however, there have been mayflies laying eggs in the afternoons.   

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