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Headwaters Outfitters Outdoor Adventures 25 Parkway Rd, Rosman

Both Headwaters Outfitters and the Forks of the River Taproom will be closed on Sunday, September 27th for a staff play day.  It's been a long summer and we appreciate all  your support!

Reading The Water

Headwaters Outfitters Outdoor Adventures 25 Parkway Rd, Rosman

Ever wonder why some anglers can catch more trout?  Is it the fly… or is there more to it? The difference in successful fly fishing and missing opportunities hinges on the observation skills of the angler.  The successful angler knows where to stand, when to mend and when to pick up the fly even before […]

Fly Fishing Foundations

Headwaters Outfitters Outdoor Adventures 25 Parkway Rd, Rosman

Fly fishing Foundations is the first class in the series.  These are fly fishing lessons designed so you master the foundations, and can then build from there. First, you will learn what the cornerstones are of successful fly angling.  Next you will learn proper equipment selection and how to make connections for rigging. You will […]

Colors of the Fall Guided Paddle

Headwaters Outfitters Outdoor Adventures 25 Parkway Rd, Rosman

Every October, Headwaters Outfitters offers its ever popular fall series of guided canoe trips on the French Broad River. Our “Colors of the Fall” guided canoe trips balance nature observation with the quiet relaxation of a canoe or kayak outing. You will paddle 8 miles, approximately 4 hours  down Section 1, a very peaceful yet lively section of the historic French Broad River. Participants […]


Paddle to the Pork

Headwaters Outfitters Campground 1017 Green Road, Brevard

Nothing beats hearing one of our favorite local bands on the banks of their home river, the historic and mighty French Broad. Paddle to the Pork is one of the coolest up and coming music festivals in our area! While we can't paddle this year, we can park at the pork and listen to local […]

Angler Entomology

Headwaters Outfitters Outdoor Adventures 25 Parkway Rd, Rosman

Angler Entomology What is the secret fly?  Many anglers ask this question.  The real secret is there isn’t a secret fly, the secret is in making observations.  This course will retrain your thought process to systematically observe the variables in the environment and trout to discern successful pattern for those conditions.  You will learn how […]


Advanced Casting

Fly fishing for trout is a wonderful way to spend time in a natural setting.  Make your experiences more enjoyable by mastering one of the essential skills to presenting a fly, casting.  This class will make you a better caster by teaching not just the how, but the why behind casting. First you will learn […]

Advanced Angler Tactics

Headwaters Outfitters Outdoor Adventures 25 Parkway Rd, Rosman

Successful anglers are versatile and adaptive. Angler Tactics combines all the knowledge and skills from the Academy of Trout and teaches you how to adapt your tackle, flies and casting to be successful in a variety of conditions.  You will learn how to interpret the trout’s behavior to modify your tactics. The class is an […]



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