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Fall brings some of the best fly fishing opportunities in Western North Carolina.  It also brings chilly mornings and warm afternoons.  Dressing right for a day on the water can be a task with varying temps and the chance of strong winds.  Here are 5 tips for a successful day of Fall Fishing.

  1. Keeping warm on the water in low morning temps starts at the base. Have a good base layer.  Avoid Cotton at all cost.  Microfiber fleece is a great option. Find a top and bottom that have thermal and wicking properties. This allows for breathe-ability, as well has body heat convection.   The Simms Waderwick Top and Bottom Thermals (pictured left and center), are great options.  They fit comfortably under your jackets and pants, or directly under your waders. Columbia Sportswear also has a great line of performance fleece gear as well.  The Harborside Fleece (pictured right) looks great on and off the water!
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  2. Warmth comes from your core.  Many people rush to cover hands, feet, and ears when it’s cold outside…we will get to that next.  However, most people overlook their chest and core.  We all know our heart, as fishy as it might beHeatMax_Hothands_Supersize_Body_Warmer_with_Adhesive_354x485, is what pumps life into our limbs.  Want to keep that casting arm going?  Keep the blood flowing to it warm.  Eat a good hearty breakfast before heading out to the water.   Wear a couple top layers and a good jacket to protect your chest and core,  that way you can shed layers when needed.  HOT TIP**- One the second or third layer (not directly on skin or base layer), drop a “Hot Hand” in your chest pocket.  Many people use these to keep hands and feet warm, but it’s a great way to keep your chest and core happy as well.
  3. Alright, now it’s time to talk accessories.  There is and endless variety of socks, gloves, and hats out there.   Analyze your environment to determine what style will work best for you.  Again, avoid cotton. The Simms Wool Half-finger glove is a great base for your hands.  You can wear them under your favorite waterproof gloves for extra warmth, or by themselves.   The Columbia Sportswear Omni-Heat line offers a variety of performance driven gloves, hats, and caps.  Their Thermarator Cap can be used as a shell under Hats and Hoodies.  Fits Socks are gaining National attention as the best American Made lifestyle and performance sock on the market.  If you haven’t tried a pair, you need to.  Their Wet Wading sock is a summer staple, but for colder months try their Heavy Expedition line. Your feet get the brunt of the dirty work when it comes to fishing.  Find socks that fit right and perform well, your feet deserve it.
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  4. Coffee is essential to most fisherman.  A thermostat full of your favorite “hot cup of joe” can warm you up in minutes.  However, good ole H2O is vital to your health and stamina.  Keep a Hydroflask full of room temperature water in your pack or bag.  Avoid drinking cold water during activity anytime of the year.  Cold water can cause your body temp to drop quickly.  Drinking room temperature warm, can keep your body temperature at a good degree and keep you going on long days on the water. There’s more said benefits, but try it for yourself.  Having to pee with all those layers on?  It’s just the price we pay I guess, and there’s no easy way around it.
    32w_old_everest_blue_1 6f35ef60ce42b0e0ad2e1204c2c53c45 Stanley-Classic-Vacuum-Insulated-thermos-Bottle-1.1qt-Hammertone-Green
  5. Keep a change of clothes handy.  Taking a spill happens to the best of us.  The pu-hwtc_nrf-201quicker you can get on dry clothes the better.  Don’t leave home without this!  Hopefully you will never need them, but don’t get cocky and stuck without them. The Simms Taco Bag makes life much easier, and cleaner.  Transport your wet waders and wading boots to and from the river without getting everything else you own wet and dirty.


So don’t let a little frost keep you off the water!  Be prepared and you’ll be just fine.


Jessica Whitmire
Marketing and Operations Manager
Headwaters Outfitters


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