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With Head Paddling Guide Danielle Mathews Ennis

Head Paddling Guide of Headwaters Outfitters, Danielle Matthews, attended a 2-day American Canoe Association L-1 SUP Instructor Certification Course early this week. The course was originally scheduled in September to be held in Asheville, NC on Lake Julian but was rescheduled due to weather conditions caused from Hurricane Florence. This led the course being moved to October 15th-16th in Hilton Head Island, SC on Broad Creek. The course was led by Josh Hall, ITE of the ACA, who created the ACA curriculum for SUP standards. Charmaine Saulsbury, owner of Dancing Trees SUP & Yoga, was an IT candidate and co-instructor, along with 3 students including myself. This course is an Instructional Development Workshop (IDW) and Instructional Certification Exam (ICE) within American Canoe Association (ACA).


The goal of the ACA Instructor Development process is to assist instructor candidates to become knowledgeable, effective paddlesport instructors. Over the 2-day course we received on water instruction of all L-1 strokes giving the candidates the opportunity to refine and access their stroke techniques. The strokes covered included; forward stroke, reverse stroke, forward sweep stroke, reverse sweep stroke, low-brace stroke, high-brace stroke, draw stroke, and stopping stroke. Along with instruction on L-1 strokes we covered SUP history, SUP types, the 4-W’s, Hypothermia/Hyperthermia, Nautical “Rules of the Road”, PFD types, Car Topping, and Carrying Techniques, Liability, Maintenance, and Reporting.



Standup paddlebording (SUP), is the act of propelling oneself on a floating platform with the help of a paddle or pole. This style of paddling dates to thousands of years ago in many areas around the world, possibly as far back as Peruvian Fisherman. It’s current form and popularity originates in Hawaii during the 1900s. By the 2000s, stand up paddling reached California, from there the sport gained popularity and adopted as an official water-sport. SUP is a widely versatile new sport and discipline within the ACA. SUP can be done on just about any type of water from the surf zone, to whitewater, to inland lakes and coastal estuaries, even open ocean and multi-day trips.

Next year Headwaters Outfitters intends to have more 101 SUP Workshops hosted by our paddling staff. Along with our daily SUP rentals 7 days a week, where WNC provides abundant lakes to use in the area. If you or someone you know is interested in getting into the sport, come check out what Headwaters Outfitters has to offer in sales, knowledge, skills, and a pristine venue.

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