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Current Fishing Report- June 11, 2019 

 Weather in Western North Carolina has finally taken a turn for the better over the last few days. After some intense flooding earlier in the Spring, we somehow shifted over to low water levels. While everyone has definitely enjoyed the sunny days, warm and low water has been a little tough on trout fishing.  I never thought I would have to say this, but we needed some good rain! We got the perfect amount of it this past weekend which has fishing conditions looking good! In our region, we got just enough rain to cool the water down and raise it to a good depth level. 

I normally use a dry-dropper rig through-out the summer. It’s easy and effective—who doesn’t like the simplicity of that? But, occasionally, you’ll see me switching up my rig. Use your common sense on fly selection! If you’re in the river when it starts to rain, you can assume that worms will be pulled out of the bank and ants and beetles will be washed off limbs and rocks. This is a great time to switch up that rig and take advantage of intense feeding periods. 

Per my last river update, fly selection over the next few weeks will be pretty simple for the most part. Flies to have in your box should be:

Dry Flies:

Chubby Chernobyls

-Parachute Adams




-Parachute Madam

-Neversink Sally


-Inch Worms


-Pat’s Rubber Legs

-Flashback Pheasant Tails

-Hare’s Ears


-If you want to fish streamers, stick with the smaller stuff. This isn’t a proven fact by any means, but I have had better luck with smaller streamers throughout the summer versus huge ones. Of course, if a good downpour comes through and the water get a little milky, throw the meat!! 


Summer Season Reminder:


Warm water temps are no friend of a trout and can even be deadly. Try to land fish as quickly as possible to reduce physical stress on it. Take time to “revive” your fish after you have landed it and never take the fish completely out of the water. After removing the hook, gently hold the fish facing upstream allowing water to flow over the fish, never push/pull the fish into the current, this does more harm than help. General Rule: Spend as much time, if not more, reviving your fish as it took to bring it to the net

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