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Debi shared her recipe from her latest batch of French Onion Soup.  It was soooooo good, and presented in Headwaters Employee Jason Serres Pottery Bowl! 


  • Beef Marrow Bones
  • 4 quarts Water
  • 4 Yellow Onions 
  • 2 Sweet Onions
  • Salt and Pepper (to taste)
  • Bay Leaves
  • Thyme
  • 1/4 cup Cooking Sherry or White Wine 
  • Gruyère Cheese
  • French Baguette 
  • butter or olive oil
  • beef bouillon *optional *if needed

The Night before* 

– Roast Beef bone marrow 4-5 hours @ 225 degrees

– Put in crock pot with 4 quarts water, add salt and pepper (this time I added a little garlic powder).  Cook on low all night

The Day of* 

Strain, put broth back in crock pot on low to keep warm. 

Slices onions somewhere between thin or medium (or however you prefer) 

In either butter or olive oil, in a saute’ pan, saute’ onions until they are caramelized.  This depends on your cooking surface.  This could take anywhere from 30 mins to an hour. 

Add Onions to Beef Stock 

Add Cooking Sherry, Bay Leave, Thyme to tase. 

Bring up to preferred temperature

Slice Baguette.  Thickness is whatever you prefer. Toast in oven on cookie sheet until semi crispy on both sides. 

Add Soup to Bowl, Add 2-3 Baguette Pieces and top with a slice or two of Gruyère Cheese. 

Place in oven, or Broil until Cheese starts to brown on top. 





These bowls are the perfect French Onion Soup Bowls, and made by Headwaters Staff Member, Jason Serres. 

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