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This one is for those that want to get into fly fishing or knows someone that would like to! With Christmas right around the corner, now is the time to save some money on gear to outfit either yourself or your future angler!

For some, Fly Fishing is viewed as an elitist sport. Under the assumption that casting is difficult, gear is expensive, and no one will have the time or patience to teach them, some folks push their interest of the sport to the side. I get it…You can spend thousands of dollars on a single rod/reel set-up, pair that up with a pack and waders that you bought for a few hundred bucks, and then you’re set! But after that, will you even have gas money left over to go to the river?

Good news, it doesn’t have to be like that!

If you have ever been curious about what you actually need vs what a large box store will trick you in to buying, let me help you! Take notes, this will make Holiday (or treat yo’self) shopping easy! All the items I am listing are products I have personally used on the water, offering good quality at a fair price. Inserted are direct links to the products we sell at Headwaters Outfitters.

Rod/Reel: Redington makes a great start up kit. They have a few different options, but my favorite and one of our best sellers, is the Redington Crosswater Combo. It comes with the rod, reel, fly line, leader, and travel case. This combo comes in different lengths/weights, so you also have options on what size to get. (I prefer the 9’ 5wt) These retail around $160. It is honestly a great deal on a wonderful product that is hard to beat.

Boots/Waders: This might be where you want to invest a little bit of money and buy smartly. Boots and waders not only keep you dry, but if you buy the right fit for your body and fishing environment, days on the water can be a lot more enjoyable. No one likes wading around in a river all day with achy feet…trust me. Once again, Redington makes great products that fit this category too! They make some lower priced waders with good quality, or you can splurge a little to buy the higher end boots and waders they offer. If Redington doesn’t have anything that catches your eye, Simms Fishing will. While a little farther up on the price scale, Simms manufactures excellent gear. I wear the Women’s G3 Guide waders and LOVE THEM. They are extremely comfortable, fit nicely, and keep me protected from the elements on even the coldest and wet days. Take your time trying these on and buy what feels best for YOU!

Packs: With a crazy plethora of packs on the market, choosing the right one can be a little tough. My advice would be to start simple. Fishpond is my go-to brand for all my packs and accessories. They make a great smaller sized chest pack that won’t break the bank. Trust me on this one, start small.

Flies: Kind of important…your flies to fish with!! The best way to know what flies to purchase is to stop in to your local fly shop and ask. Don’t waste your money buying flies if you are not sure how or when to use them. You will save money and sanity by asking for the hot fly selection…once again, trust me.

Net: The kind of fishing you are planning on doing, will depend on what net will be best for you. My tip here is to purchase a net bag that is made from rubber, not cloth. Hooks get caught up the netting material and it is a nightmare for both you and the fish to get hooks out—go with rubber.

Sunglasses: I jokingly call my glasses my fish-finders. It’s true though, I’m blind on the water without them. Polarized sunglasses can be a huge game changer. Not only can you spot fish easier but walking across slick rocks is much safer when you can see them before you fall on them. I wear Costa Del Mar glasses, specifically the Pawley frame.

While there is a never-ending amount of cool gadgets and accessories on the market, start with what you need and add on to your gear list as you learn what works best for you and your fishing style.

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