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Summer’s here.  Mornings start around daybreak, tying flies, making lunches, organizing fly boxes and gear, readying the drift boat… mental checklists, physic11070014_10152777290564087_972718158400074277_oal checklists… don’t forget to grab more 6x flouro at the shop before you leave, don’t forget to clean out your cooler when you get home, and definitely don’t forget to get those wet wading socks out of the truck or your interior will not smell pleasant for tomorrow’s clients.  It’s the guide life and the season is definitely here folks.  I love it. 

I’ve met some great people on the water in the last few weeks.  There was Curtis, the reformed hippy turned software guy, turned goat farmer who taught me a thing or two about following your passions and understanding that every day is the best day ever.  There was John, the laid back retired guy who fishes every chance he gets and howled with exuberant laughter as the brown trout chased and ate his dry fly in crystal clear water.  Scott and Steven couldn’t help but chuckle about the heavy downpours we encountered floating down the Tuckasegee River.  A day of fishing in the rain beats a good day in the office every time.  These are my kind of people.    

11070622_10152812731199087_5153304217581189870_nAny hard working fishing guide will tell you that when the season is in full swing, guiding clients on the water every day is, in fact, hard work.  Maintaining the mental sharpness and staying in the game every minute of your 12th trip in a row is not easy.  Finding a way to create report with people of all ages and walks of life is also a challenge.  Even when you’re on the water every day the pay isn’t exactly something that would impress a future father-in-law.  For any fly fishing guide worth his or her salt there is only one explanation for why we do what we do.  It’s a passion and we couldn’t see ourselves happy doing anything else.  Embrace the season, disregard the need for a day off or a day to sleep in.  Work hard for every client.  It’s the guide life.  I love it.    

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