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June Bass Fishing Report


Weather is heating up… and so is the bass fishing!  As some of you may have experienced in the weeks prior, summer temperatures heated up the mountains, which means lake temperatures too.  This has pushed most of the lower elevation lakes and bass well beyond spawn, but any of our bass in the mountains have just finished spawning.  What does this mean for fishing? For lakes that have had bass spawned out for weeks you should be seeing fish setting up on their summering holes, whether that be big shallow largemouth or bass setting up on an offshore rock pile.  For lakes at that stage this is the best time to catch fish offshore, they have just come out of a post-spawn phase, they’re hungry, and they are still fairly susceptible to any bait that comes through their house being so early in the year.


If you find that your lake is one that has just moved beyond a spawn phase, now is the time to be hitting the water early, or staying late.  You should be looking to get on a shad spawn bite during low light conditions.  Shad spawn in very low light and dark conditions, this means early on a cloudy morning or late evening you can find this bite.  In the middle of the day when you lose a shad spawn, or if you don’t have shad look for bream beds.  This is another great way to target shallow largemouth after they finish spawning.  


Baits to use during a shad spawn:

Color: White, Silver, Pearl.. Etc.

-Topwater walking baits


-fluke style



-scrounger head


Bream Bed Bass:

Color: Green pumpkin, pumpkinseed, bream etc. 

-swim jig


-wacky style senko

-paddletail swimbaits

-swing head jigs


*for more tips on how to find and fish a shad spawn or bream beds call Headwaters at 828-877-3106 and book your trip today!  Be sure to act fast, these phases won’t last long!  Good luck on your next fishing adventure and if you have any comments or questions be sure to email ty@headwatersoutfiters 

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