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Bass Fishing Report for October 2021

Our extended forecast is showing a lot of fall weather ahead, that being said the fishing is changing. Fish are moving and the bass are beginning to put their feed bag on.  It is the time of year where you find a large majority of your bass in this region feeding on small bait throughout the lake.  Western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina lakes are loaded with blue back herring and threadfin shad, these two baitfish will make or break your fall time fishing.  

Don’t overlook the main lake right now, oftentimes in the fall you hear that bass are going to push into the backs of creeks chasing bait, this is true but we are not quite there yet.  Right now I am seeing a great number of bigger fish still on the main lake, the difference is they are following large schools of two to three inch bait.  Most of the areas holding large quantities of bass right now have been main lake, or the first shoal into a creek arm.  The best way to eliminate water on the lake in the fall is to look for bait before you ever put the trolling motor down.  Whether you are graphing around or visibly looking at the surface for bait balls, don’t fish an area if you don’t see bait.  This is not to say you won’t catch any fish without bait around, but as fishermen we want to put ourselves in the best position to catch large numbers of fish and to do that you will want to see baitfish in your area.  The fish you find feeding on these bait balls  are going to be schooling heavily, be ready for the action to happen fast.  If you catch a fish try to get your bait back in the water as fast as possible for the best chance at another hook up the next cast! 

To see an inside look at what I’m fishing in the early fall and how I’m fishing it, follow my instagram account @captn_ty for some pictures and videos while I’m out guiding or fun fishing.   

Baits to focus on using right now: underspins, spy baits, jerkbaits, blade baits, damiki rig, topwater walking baits.  Pay attention to your sunlight right now as well, on a cloudy day incorporate white colors.  If you’re out on a sunny day try some more transparent baits or more natural shad colored baits.   

Now is a great time to hit the lake and an even better time to come learn about fishing in new and changing seasonal patterns.  

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